In order to achieve JNSF stated vision; the company is adopting a mission statement adhered by all employees when conducting workflow process.

JNSF Mission Statement :

1 . Create a Company Identity

2 . Introduce Products & services in a highly exposed manner

3 . Build the Number One Customer base in Saudi Arabia

4 . Build the highest customer satisfaction and customer loyalty rate in the KSA

5 . Implement effective cost control measures without sacrificing customer satisfaction

6 . Build a profitable organization with high personnel satisfaction rate

7 . Developing a customer service package which will consists of:

        . Minimum time from order to delivery

        . Reliability of delivery

        . Emergency deliveries when required

        . Stock availability and continuity of supply
        . Advice in non-availability
        . Convenience of placing order
        . Acknowledgment of order

        . Accuracy of invoices

        . Quality of sales and representation
        . Regular calls by sales representatives
        . Credit terms offered.

        . Customer query handling